Precision Tune-Ups on Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Schedule a 15-Point Precision Tune-Up for your cooling system now to ensure that it’s in top working order before you get caught with no air conditioning in the sizzling hot Summer or no heat in the icy cold days of Winter.

Our $107 Precision Tune-Ups are a small price to pay for your peace of mind and the continued comfort and safety of your family.

We invite you to download a printable copy of the complete tune-up checklist on the lower right side of this page.

10 Point Precision Furnace Tune-Up Includes
1. Test for Carbon Monoxide Leaks 6. Check Flue Draft
2. Clean Burner Assembly 7. Check Combustion
3. Clean Ignition Assembly 8. Inspect Vent Piping
4. Test and Adjust Safety Controls 9. Inspect Humidification System
5. Calibrate Thermostat 10. Clean Water Heater
15 Point Precision Air Conditioner Tune-Up Includes
1. Clean Condenser Coil 9. Inspect for Refrigerant Leaks
2. Apply Protective Coating to Outdoor Unit 10. Test Condensate Pump
3. Inspect Evaporator Coil (if accessible) 11. Tighten Electrical Connections
4. Clean Condensate Drain 12. Test Starting Capabilities
5. Clean Blower Motor 13. Measure Air Temperature Differential
6. Inspect Filtration System 14. Monitor Refrigerant Pressures
7. Adjust Blower Components 15. Measure Amperage and Voltage
8. Lubricate Moving Parts as Required